Vapac Steam Cylinders

All PCC tanks are cleanable and all PCD tanks are disposable (the D means disposable). You can use either a cleanable OR a disposable tank in your unit but most people prefer the disposable tanks since the cleanable tanks can only be cleaned about 5 times before they need replaced.

NOTE: The 61 is a prefix on certain steam tanks which is only used in Canada. Tanks used in other locations do not have the 61 in the part number but the tank is the same whether it has the 61 in it or not.

Tanks ending in an O will have a 22 MM Steam Outlet
Tanks ending in an A will have a 35 MM Steam Outlet.
Tanks ending in a B will have a 54 MM Steam outlet

Steam cylinder part number REFERENCE CHART

Steam cylinder old to new part number CONVERSION CHART


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